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Product Description

● 8000W high power, support multiple electrical appliances used at the same time;

● All conductors are wrapped with flame-retardant insulators, and the zero fire line is hidden at the upper end of the track, which is safe and reliable;

● The track is treated by anodizing process, which is not rusty or oxidized, and is easy to clean;

● One-key power-off design, just turn off the switch worn on the track, you can directly cut off the power of the track;

● The track module can be increased and decreased freely according to demand, and it can slide freely in parallel on the track;

● The socket module has a large LED aperture, and the LED light will light up while rotating and energizing;

● The track size has three styles of 0.6M/0.8M/1M to choose from, and a variety of modules can be freely matched to meet your various needs;

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